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And also, I'm new here...

Exactly a year ago today, I was informed by my allergist that I am no longer allergic to eggs. Since then, I've tried some recipes - hard boiled (which remains my favorite, with black pepper sprinkled on top), scrambled, and omelette-ized (no add-ins though, which some friends say may be why I didn't like it).

In honor of this being my egg anniversary and the fact that I am haunted by the egg comments in Runaway Bride, I ask you for your favorite tasty and easy egg recipes. Other ingredients are welcome, but every recipe needs some part of the egg in it as well.
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Frittatas are really easy. What kind of veggies & cheese do you like? I can make some suggestions.

And happy egg anniversary!! :)
Any kind of veggies except the legume family (beans, peas, etc.) and carrots. And really any kind of cheese. I'd appreciate your suggestions.

And thanks! :)
For omelets, add-ins are a MUST! I'm quite partial to sprinkling Romano (a saltier, more flavorful cousin of parmesan) before folding. Other delicious things: saute some mushrooms and/or onions and add in, try different kinds of cheese (cheddar is good, anything with a strong flavor), your favorite salsa (my dad swears by this one), bits of bacon/sausage/other meat. Really, you can put about anything in there. Also yummy is if you make some toast with your omelet and either butter it or spread a little mayo on it and make an omelet sandwich. Delicious and portable!

If you're feeling ambitious, you could give a custard or pudding a shot.

Oh, and Yorkshire pudding is delicious. Its basically eggs, butter, and milk, all mixed up and baked till it puffs up.