Skyglider (skyglider) wrote in serves_one,

Purpose of this community?

 Is this group turning into a place for advertisers to promote diets rather than a place to discuss recipes and meals for one?

The last three posts have been by a "person" who has a vague profile, no entries in their LJ, and obviously advertising promoting specific products or diets.
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I would think this would be a thing for the maintainer to either say is not allowed, or for us to request that it isn't allowed. I personally just skipped the entries once I realized they were crap (and poorly written crap).
yeah... but this community is so dead otherwise that it was sort of nice to see some post, even if they were poorly written garbage.

Is there any plans for anyone to actually post in this community anymore?
I keep looking for single serving recipes, and ideas for single-serving dishes, but those still seem to be few and far between. Maybe it's not as important as it used to be? *shrug*
So did I, but the one post before those three was actually pretty good.